WLR Waterford Viking Marathon


Waterford Viking Marathon


The 6th annual Waterford Viking Marathon will take place on Saturday June 24th. We anticipate the event will attract up to 3,000 participants and we hope it will, yet again, provide a boost to local retailers and accommodation providers.


Following a review of the route this year the 26.2 mile course has been finalised. When planning we endeavour to showcase the city’s attractions as much as we can and we also consider terrain, disruption to traffic and traders, likely wind direction etc. We are delighted this year to be able to include many of the top local landmarks in the city, Rice Bridge, the Thomas Frances Maher Bridge and the Waterford Greenway as well as the facilities in the new WIT Arena.


The route, which you can view on our website,, will travel through the City and down the Quay before crossing Rice Bridge and travelling down to the Toll Bridge. The runners will make their way on to the Greenway, with the help of a temporary ramp, and then travel along the greenway to the back of Mount Congreve. From here they will travel up to the Cork Road and onwards to Paddy Browns Road, through Lismore Park and on to Carrickperrish.


The half marathon runners leave us here and the fulls (c.500 runners and fairly spread out at this stage) will take a right up Knockhouse to Gracedieu, Summerhill and down to Bilberry and back on to the Greenway. They will do another loop up from Mount Congreve again and (instead of a right up by Knockhouse again) they will head back to the finish at WIT Arena.


With a full traffic management plan in place and with the assistance of the 20 Gardai and over 100 stewards we hope to try keep traffic disruption to a minimum.



We appreciate your cooperation on the day and hope that your business will not be inconvenienced in any way.


Any queries please contact Race Director, Joe Cawley on 086 2320795.





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