Perceptions and Promotions: The Role of Waterford Chamber of Commerce 1787-1987


In recognition of its 200th anniversary in 1987, Waterford Chamber of Commerce commissioned local historian Des Cowman to write a history of the Chamber. The book, entitled Perceptions and Promotions: The Role of Waterford Chamber of Commerce 1787-1987 was printed in hardback and paperback in 1988, and was distributed to members. A scanned copy of the book is now available to view here on our website.


About Waterford Chamber


Established in 1787, Waterford Chamber is the leading business representative organisation in Waterford. The Chamber represents the interests of its members and actively contributes to the economic development of Waterford City and County. The Chamber welcomes all businesses, independent of size, as members.


Waterford Chamber, a key strategic stakeholder and catalyst for business growth & innovation in a vibrant gateway.


To be the leading business representative organisation in Waterford, collaborating as a key stakeholder in shaping a positive business environment and promoting Waterford’s excellence in enterprise, innovation & technology – a place to be proud of.

Strategic Goals 2015–2018


Goal 1:

Be the voice of Waterford Business

Goal 2:

Supporting members' common attitudes, interests & goals

Goal 3:

Focus, Dedication, Delivery

Representing Waterford, the gateway city at local, regional, national, European & global levels Promote what’s good for business is good for community Be a strong stakeholder, lobbying for local & regional business
Partner as a key stakeholder & leader in delivering regional strategic initiatives Strategic engagement with stakeholders for the overall good of Waterford as a vibrant gateway Host events which promote networking, shared learning & opportunity
  Provide the relevant support network to established & start-up businesses Grow our membership base to be a significant voice, representative of all sectors
    Provide bespoke training that meets the requirements of our members and the skill needs of the region
Board of Directors


President: Paul Nolan, Dawn Meats


Deputy President: Kathryn Kiely, WIT


Vice President: Jonathan Earl, B2B Communications


Secretary: Teresa Jane O'Mahoney, BMCI Insurance & Investments


Treasurer: Ronan Brazil, O'Sullivan Scanlon Brazil




  • Anne Marie Caulfield, Caulfield's SuperValu
  • Ciara O’Connor, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Danette Connolly, Home Instead Senior Care / NAS Centre
  • David McCoy, House of Waterford Crystal
  • Jacqui Kielthy, Fieldmaster
  • Jonathan Earl, B2B Communications
  • Kieran Walsh, The Munster Express
  • Laurent Borla, Senantra
  • Maria Clifford, Book A Room / Liberty Blue
  • Michael O'Dwyer, AIB Bank
  • Neil Kennealy, Cantec Business Technology
  • Nora Widger, Theatre Royal
  • Orm Kenny, Peter O'Connor & Son Solicitors
  • Pamela Pim, Bank of Ireland
  • Tina Darrer, Dooley's Hotel
  • Tony Power, Bausch & Lomb
Chamber Staff


Chamber staff come from a wide variety of business backgrounds. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can advise you how best to market your business, reduce your overheads and apply for funding. We’re here to help you succeed.


We’re here to answer any questions you may have or source any information you may need. We can nearly always help you, but if we can't, we’ll refer you to someone who can. Either way, you'll get the answers and information you need to make the right business decision.


Gerald Hurley

Chief Executive

Tel: 051 872639


Lynda Lawton

Membership & Events Executive

Tel: 051 311130


Michael Lynagh

Communications Executive

Tel: 051 311132


Lisa Power

Office Administrator

Tel: 051 872639


Jemma Heffernan

Marketing & Events Administrator

Tel: 051 311136


Sara Mullally

Waterford Chamber Skillnet Network Manager

Tel: 051 311131


Jackie Ryan

Waterford Chamber Skillnet Administrator

Tel: 051 311139


Kelly Cummins

Waterford Chamber Skillnet Administrator

Tel: 051 311135


Donal Nolan

Strategic Projects Executive

Tel: 051 311134

Honorary Members


Frank Comber Kurt Kraus Des O'Toole
Jack Deevy Joe Kenny Noel Richards
Nicky Fewer Clive McCarthy Des Tierney
Tony Fitzgerald John Mitchell John Waters
Waterford Chamber Presidents


1815 Henry H Hunt 1917 Frank Phelan
1816 John Strangman 1918 Frank Phelan
1817 John Leonard 1919 Frank Phelan
1818 George P Ridgway 1920 W.J Robertson
1819 Joseph Strangman 1921 W.J Robertson
1820 William Millward 1922 L. O'Brien
1821 Edward Courtenay 1923 L. O'Brien
1822 Joshua Strangman 1924 W.B Merry
1823 John Harris 1925 M. Cassin
1824 Joshua William Strangman 1926 M. Cassin
1825 Richard Davis 1927 James Aylward
1826 William Aylward 1928 W.E Jacob
1827 Thomas McCheane 1929 J.V.A Spencer
1828 Joshua William Strangman 1930 W.C Mercer
1829 Thomas Fogarty 1931 W.C Mercer
1830 Geo. P Ridgway 1932 M.S Breen
1831 Thomas Scott 1933 M.S Breen
1832 Edward Courtenay 1934 R.S Elmes
1833 William Millward 1935 R.J Hearne
1834 Joshua William Strangman 1936 L.H Grubb
1835 Thomas Scott 1937 Joseph Q Nolan
1835 Robert Geo. Scott 1938 Joseph Q Nolan
1836 Joshua Strangman 1939 Edwin B Jacob
1837 William Aylward 1940 Edwin B Jacob
1838 Henry Denny 1941 John J Hearne
1839 William Millward 1942 John J Hearne
1840 Joseph D Lapham 1943 John J Hearne
1841 Henry Ridgway 1944 Charles S Jacob
1842 Joshua William Strangman 1945 Charles S Jacob
1843 John Power 1946 Samuel Morris
1844 Geo Coutenay 1947 Samuel Morris
1845 Roger F Sweetman 1948 F.W.B Chapman
1846 George White 1949 F.W.B Chapman
1847 Thomas Murphy 1950 H.J Gill
1848 Benjamin Budd 1951 H.J Gill
1849 Jacob Penrose 1952 J.C Heylin
1850 James Kent 1953 J.C Heylin
1851 William Marchant Ardagh 1954 F.J Cassin
1852 Henry White 1955 F.J Cassin
1853 Josiah Williams 1956 E.J Aylward
1854 Joshua William Strangman 1957 E.J Aylward
1855 Joseph Malcomson 1958 E.J Aylward
1856 Joseph Malcomson 1959 J.J Lodge
1857 Joseph Strangman Richardson 1960 J.J Lodge
1858 John Aloysius Blake 1961 J.J Lodge
1859 John Aloysius Blake 1962 P.J Breen
1860 Joseph Malcomson 1963 P.J Breen
1861 Joseph Malcomson 1964 A.G Doyle
1862 Joseph Malcomson 1965 A.G Doyle
1863 Abraham Denny 1966 T Fewer
1864 Thomas Boyce Prosset 1967 T Fewer
1865 Samuel Harris 1968 T.T Quinn
1866 Patrick Keily 1969 T.T Quinn
1867 Edward Clibborn 1970 L O'Sullivan
1868 Joseph Strangman 1971 L O'Sullivan
1869 Thomas C Spencer 1972 John Mitchell
1870 Patrick Anthony Power 1973 John Mitchell
1871 Samuel White 1974 T.A Richards
1872 Robert Ardagh 1975 T.A Richards
1873 Thomas Fraces Keily 1976 Clive MacCarthy
1874 William G. D Goff 1977 Clive MacCarthy
1875 John A Tobin 1978 Kurt Kraus
1876 John A White 1979 Kurt Kraus
1877 David Kent 1980 D.P Tierney
1878 Henry Denny 1981 Tony Fitzgerald
1879 William Gallwey 1982 D.E O'Toole
1880 William Henry Fennessy 1983 D.E O'Toole
1881 John Strangman 1984 F.M Comber
1882 Abraham Stephens 1985 J.G Mansfield
1883 Thomas F Spencer 1986 N.J Fewer
1884 James P Graves 1987 Jack Deevy
1885 Charles E Denny 1988 J.D Kennedy
1886 Samuel Shangman 1989 L.P O'Sullivan
1887 John Slattary 1990 J.C Kenny
1888 Richard G Ridgway 1991 Dick Hickey
1889 Alexander Nelson 1992 Peter Hudson
1890 Andrew Farrell 1993 Bertie Rogers
1891 Cornelius Morley 1994 Joe Kenny
1892 Edward Jacob 1995 Frank Kelly
1893 Frederick H Hall 1996 Mary Dorgan
1894 Hugh W Craig 1997 John Clancy
1895 Robert ML Ardagh 1998 William O'Brien
1896 H.J Forde 1999 Redmond O'Donoghue
1897 H. St. L Atkis 2000 Monica Leech
1898 WL Burke 2001 Nick Donnelly
1899 A E Graves 2002 Frank O'Regan
1900 H.W.D Goff 2003 Bobby O'Keeffe
1901 JN Harvey 2004 Liam Fennelly
1902 Patrick Wm Keily 2005 Frank Dolphin
1903 George Nolan 2006 Kathleen Fitzgerald
1904 J.A Tucker 2007 Andrew O'Neill
1905 Edgar White 2008 Colin McGookin
1906 J.C McCullagh 2009 Paul McDaid
1907 James J Phelan 2010 Thomas Murran 
1908 HJ Forde J.P 2011 Anne Marie Caulfield
1909 HJ Forde J.P 2012 Orm Kenny
1910 HJ Forde J.P 2013 Nora Widger
1911 AJ Phelan B.L 2014 Derek O'Byrne
1912 Edgar White 2015 Michael O'Dwyer 
1913 W.J Smith T.C 2016 Laurent Borla 
1914 H Ridgway    
1915 John Walsh    
1916 E.A Gibbon    


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